COLOURS - is a new brand and event management whose leadership and TEAM will lead the Canadian Immigrants Fair Trade. The event is a yearly exposition that will be shared by the “Multilingual and Multicultural” society of Canada. The COLOURS FAIR TRADE organization will host the event and encourage participants from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to share the experience.

The proposed venue for the initial launch in August 8, 2018 (8.8.18) is intended to highlight the City of Mississauga in Ontario, Canada. No less than 20,000 square meters will be dedicated in a floor plan consisting of booths - design and interior, the show hosting trade exhibitors, commercial brands and the gaudy business sector. The expected crowd of more than 200,000 visitors is a realistic count for a three to five day event.

From Trade and Industry ideas towards a vast network of global enterprise, the event will mix together a wholesome inspiration and creativity to lift the image of the business and trade. Colleges and Universities in Canada will participate and promote education tourism through the infallible support of immigration consultants and lawyers, and recognition from Government agencies and the private sector.



The vision is a subject to brace the image and ingenuity of the multicultural society and exemplify to highlight a mission about the era of the modern trade.

Latest developments in technology will bring to life the innovative mind and artistic quality of the entrepreneurial genius, amid the milestones of a continuous colorful event each year and aiming to uplift the core of commerce and the gleam of global brands. The colorful activities will herald recognition and raise the multicultural enterprise to support and lift the domestic and international market alike. Each year, a chosen city in CANADA will sponsor a global exposition and host to engage the events and activities.


“A Multicultural and Multilingual Society’s contribution to strengthen the Economy”




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