COLOURS Fair Trade has recently acquired new clients and expanded new business. With our recent acquisition we are looking to accept consulting positions to help with brand awareness, activities and events to the market, as well as handling new customer acquisition. The people we are looking to fill these roles should be looking to get their feet in the door of the activity to gain a lucrative income. We are setting out to orient these individuals to handle multiple marketing campaigns and promotions in their respective communities and as a move to full time marketing consultants after learning the branding and event management campaign strategies from the ground up.

The Consultant will be working in free time and the tenure is a paid role above average lucrative commissions and incentives with an opportunity for profit share. The Consultant will be primarily focusing on business and investment, event sponsorship and the brand market. We find most success happens to those who have a great attitude and are looking to succeed.

The COLOURS Fair Trade management TEAM is committed to delivering unmatched results for every client we do business with. Our team of business development experts plan and execute marketing strategies to support the Consulting group that far exceed the goals and build connections between clients and potential customers by creating a standard of excellence.

COLOURS Fair Trade Consultants have the opportunity to gain a holistic view of a long term business and progresses through marketing principles and leadership in a world class event.











The goal of COLOURS Fair Trade is focused on set ups, activities, the colorful venue and the guests that leave everything to perfection at the primary activities that will make each participant amazed. The realization is about the fact that the key makes up of the people who are behind the organization. Yes, they are the people behind the scene who manage the strings and assure the success of the event.

We are building the prospects of COLOURS Fair Trade on a strong and diverse event management foundation about brands, the market, technologies and talent. Diversity about the event and activities best describes the opportunities for investors in each of the business contribution, and we see opportunities to grow by offering new investment solutions to serve new markets segments and deploying new technology to expand the marketing programs to new geographies.

COLOURS Fair Trade event management is a marketing catalyst.

Event Management Investment

    Financial Strength
    Deliver earnings growth through sales and marketing executions
    A strong and consistent cash flow to fund long-term growth
    Sustain a strong balance sheet with significant liquidity

Financial Strength

    Strategically positioned each year in a prominent City in Canada
    Outstanding portfolio of intellectual property (IP) across business development
    Aligned distribution with the best-in-class vendors
    Diverse market exposure provides consistent performance to fund growth

Business Strategies

    Dependable Business Strategies
    Focused on lucrative and disciplined acquisition growth to achieve margin enhancements
    Continuing focus on innovation to retain unity
    Persistent marketing effort to drive operational excellence
    Excellent business services for efficient allocation of resources

The opportunities ahead for COLOURS Fair Trade are as diverse as the markets and customers we serve. With a diverse team of dedicated professional and an increasingly diverse set of solutions, we look forward to capitalizing on these strengths to continue to benefit the customers and investors.






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