The COLOURS FAIR TRADE Global Brand Business

The “Fair Trade” global brand business is about a future portal linked to the COLOURS mainstream event that will lead a portfolio of great brands present in the Canadian and offshore market. The focus is to bring these brands to new levels, expanding their category penetration and global reach.

The global brand catalyst will work in a number of ways:


Controlled Brands

We are involved in every single aspect to promote and sell the brands in each activity and very much committed to growing them on a global scale. From brand strategy to design to sales, marketing and distribution, we will nurture these brands every step of the way.


Licensed Brands

The COLOURS FAIR TRADE event organizers will partner with brand owners or licensors to expand their brands into new exciting product categories and geographies. We immerse ourselves in a brand’s DNA to understand what that brand is about – it’s overall aesthetic, the business and vision. The global brand consulting expertise allows us to position products in key categories that are relevant and successful for some of the most dominant brands in the world.


Brand Management:

The Marketing TEAM at COLOURS is capable to provide the seamless brand experience for our event partners to help them open doors to new markets, expand into different categories and ultimately engage new consumers. As the “catalyst” of a global brand exposition business, we will offer to deliver excellent service to brand owners and licensees that covers consultancy, strategy, sales, retail, creative, product and marketing, and managing the entire process from concept development to market launch.



Building a global brand requires more than just an attractive website in the internet that is accessible from almost anywhere in the world. It will take a “catalyst” to promote and sell the brands and help business entrepreneurs to avoid the negative aspect.

We Understand the Customer Behavior

Consumers have certain buying preferences or habits in a different culture and such preferences are considered universal. It is astonishing that “brands” that joined an event to promote their products made it because they have seen the impact of consumer behavior.


Our Branding Experts can Position a Brand

Good brand positioning includes truly understanding the competition and then looking at the competitive advantage. Protect the intellectual property and file the appropriate trademark and patent protections in Canada.


We have a Good Knowledge how the Brand Translates

Our TEAM will ensure that the brand translates well into English and evaluates the colors that are favored in various Canadian markets.


Think with Us Broadly

A company may need to expand into offering new products based on regional market demands. It is important that the company name is broad enough to accommodate the changes. Think Broadly!


Finding Good Partners in the Event Launch

The COLOURS FAIR TRADE Marketing TEAM is competent to help you decide about how to license the product and service or assign the brand to an investor or supplier. Putting the brand name on a product or service must be consistent every time to make people understand the value of the brand.

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